Communicable Disease Spectator and Participant Release


  1. Inclement Weather:
    Events may be conducted regardless of weather conditions.  In the event of rain or other unfavorable conditions, it may be necessary to alter the order of the event schedule, including but not limited to, adjusting the length of the race or delaying or stopping the program completely.  Should a delay occur, every effort will be made to resume the schedule in a timely fashion if conditions significantly improve.
  2. Pit Crews:  Riders are responsible for the actions of their entire pit crew.
  3. Medical Insurance:  The Rev Limiter does not provide medical insurance for competitors, and we urge you not to compete without it.  Medical insurance is the sole responsibility of the competitor.
  4. Class Assignment: You must sign up in the current class/skill level that you are racing locally (Pro,A,B,C) If you do not race Pro, but have qualified for the past RevLimiter Sunday race you will be eligible to sign up Pro if you choose.


Riders shall line up on their assigned Starting Row on a first come basis when directed by the race official.  No one is permitted on the Start Line until authorized.

The Riders Meeting will be conducted at the scoring trailer with updates announced on the Start Line before the start of each race.  All riders are responsible for attending. Machines must be dead engine during Riders Meeting.

Rev Limiter is a dead engine start.  When the track is cleared for the start:

The blue flag will signal all riders to shut down their engines.

30 seconds later the Referee will extend his arm to signal “10 Seconds” before the start of the race.  At the “10 Seconds” signal, all crew members must step behind the riders.

Between 8 and 10 seconds, the green flag will be thrown, signaling the start of the race.

Riders starting their machines prior to the green flag signal or taking off with the wrong row will be penalized.

Riders missing the start of their class must enter the race course at the Start Line and complete the start chute.

The machine a rider leaves the Start Line with is the official machine of the rider for that event, and may not be switched during the event.


LiveLaps transponder scoring is the official scoring procedure for Rev Limiter. All riders will be required to have a fully-functioning transponder in order to compete. Transponders will be available for  purchase at Rider Registration.

There will be three checkpoints throughout the race course: one at the Finish Line and two Out-post checkpoints.  Riders must come to a complete stop at the Finish Line checkpoint, but not at the Out-post checkpoints.

Checkpoints will be “No Passing” zones. The section from the Finish Line to the Finish Line checkpoint is a “No Passing” zone.  In addition, checkpoints will be marked with double arrows, indicating riders must stay within the confines of the course markers.

Riders may not be serviced or pitted in the area between the Finish Line and the Finish Line checkpoint or in the area immediately after the Finish Line checkpoint.


The AMA Equipment Standards List in Chapter 2 of the AMA Racing Rulebook applies. In addition, the following apply:

Riders may not carry gasoline anywhere except inside the machine’s fuel tank.  Aftermarket fuel tanks are permitted; Auxiliary/Extension fuel tanks are not permitted.  (Note: This rule differs from the AMA Racing Rulebook.)

All machines must have silencers.

All machines must have a working kill switch (bikes) or tether cord (ATV).

No horns, bells or other sound devices are permitted on machines.

Machine sound level cannot exceed 98 dB/A.

Machines may be tested by officials any time prior to, during or after the event.

Paddle tires,  and studded tires are prohibited

Trials bikes are allowed to compete in Saturday morning race, but prohibited to advance on through the event.


The Rev Limiter course may include trails, footpaths, roads, hills, motocross tracks, or any type of terrain which can be negotiated by a motorcycle or ATV.

The course will be open to inspection Friday after 12pm. Participants are permitted to walk  the course only.

Marking, cutting, tampering with or otherwise changing the course in any manner is strictly prohibited. Course modifications may only be made by an official.

No one, except officials and riders officially entered in the race program, may ride on the race course at any time during the event.


Riders must remain on the marked course. The marked course is within 25 feet of race arrows.  However, riders must stay within the confines of the following markers:  double arrows posted on both sides of the trail, ribbons, signs, stakes, hay bales, barrels, motocross track, grass track, etc..

Riders encountering a traffic jam or bottleneck may go more than 25 feet off the course to get around the bottleneck only. However, the rider must re-enter the course as soon as possible, and upon approaching this section the next lap, must ride the original arrowed section if the track is clear. If the original marking devices are knocked down, the rider must stay on the original marked course regardless. A “bottleneck” is a section of the track that becomes impassable for any reason, with the exception of checkpoints.

Riders may not cut to the inside of a white pole corner marker.

If a rider leaves the course for any reason they must re-enter where they left the course.

Riders may make repairs and otherwise receive mechanical assistance anywhere along the course from anyone.  All such repairs and assistance must be made without causing interference with other riders and in a suitable area off the racetrack.

Radios are permitted between pit crew members, but not with or between riders.

Reckless Riding. No rider may ride in such a manner as to endanger life or limb of other riders, officials or the public.  Riders will be penalized for the reckless operation of their machine, including but not limited to the deliberate ramming, blocking or intentional contact with another rider, or for running into an official.

Team Tactics are prohibited, and include but are not limited to: altering the race course, marking the race course, blocking course lines, blocking riders, allowing another rider to pass in order to affect the outcome of the race, or exchanging machines in order for another rider to continue the race. Riders, team members or spectators involved will be penalized, including but not limited to disqualification, removal and suspension from the Rev Limiter.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Persons whose appearance, conduct, associations or affiliations, on or off the track, deemed harmful or not conducive to the best interest of the sport or who exhibit conduct which is inappropriate, offensive, abrasive or in bad taste, may be excluded or suspended from the Rev Limiter at the discretion of the Race Director.

Participants engaged in any event, public appearance, media activity or any other situation relating to their participation in the series must refrain from intentional physical contact with any participant, inappropriate or profane language, fraud, and unsportsmanlike behavior. At the sole discretion of the Rev Limiter, participants who exhibit behaviors deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike, prejudicial or detrimental to the best interests of the sport, or detract from the enjoyment, appreciation or interests of the fans, sponsors or other supporters of the sport, may be penalized by monetary fine, docking of championship points, or both. Such penalties are not subject to protest or appeal.